Learning Objectives

  • How to use social media in the classroom beyond the obvious applications
  • How to use social media for assessing learning
  • How to communicate my ‘presence’ (as an educator and a human being) in the online environment
  • How to control my ‘voice’ or the perception I give students in using social media
  • How to develop a tailored strategy for approaching students’ need in a particular course
  • How to apply a social constructivist approach to online learning and teaching
  • How to dismantle myself as the expert and encourage students to become active learners

2 thoughts on “Learning Objectives

  1. Thanks for this. Some of these are very interesting, and allow for you to go in some specific directions, or tailor your work in ways that most won’t need to even consider. Consider how you might steer your work or even the class towards meeting these objectives.


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