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My Delicious Profile

Delicious is a social bookmarking site that I haven’t used in 4 years or so.  I barely remembered that it existed and I honestly found it redundant with built-it list-generators in blogs and other social media platforms.  Upon rediscovering the site, I see that there have been some major improvements.

The is a list of the improvements that I noted:

  • Tags vs. tag bundles – I can now bundle tags, which is helpful to create a second layer of organization.  I created a tag for ‘tri-cities tn fun’, which included the music venues and bars that I like to visit on the weekend.  I realized after tagging them that I can create a ‘meta-tag’ (ie a bundle) – so I could have used ‘tri-cities tn fun’ as a bundle and then created sub-categories for music, bars. etc.
  • Expanded profile – now Delicious has an area where users can upload pictures and share basic information about themselves.  You can now follow other users and get followers.
  • API for Facebook/Twitter/Google + – there is now the ability to share lists instantly on these social media platforms.  I can follow friends from other social media platforms.  There is even a button to grab links that I’ve posted on Twitter and import them!  This could come in helpful one day.
  • Trending – this function resembles Twitter’s trending box and shows the most frequently ‘pinned’ links
  • Discover – based on your professed interests, you can now search for Delicious users and lists similar to your own interests
  • Robust phone app – I just downloaded the Delicious app for my Android phone and I find it helpful to use.  I can use the send icon on the phone’s web browser to share and tag sites on Delicious.

Overall, I really like the improvements.  I think that in an effort to rebrand themselves, the developers at Delicious choose to be something between Pinterest and Twitter.  I heard about this site a few years ago, but I rarely hear about it anymore.  When I browse the web, I mostly do so on a laptop and use the browser’s bookmarks bar to bookmark things.  I imagine I will continue doing this – I still don’t like to browse on my phone.  For this reason, I think my use of Delicious will be limited.  Still, its a nice tool with some opportunities for use in education, such as creating webliographies on various topics.


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