Video Sharing with Youtube

YouTube has come a long ways in recent years.  From watching the Wensch video in 2008, I have seen the evolution of YouTube from a grassroots site to a slick commercial search engine of videos.  YouTube had very recently been purchased by Google and the exploded around 2007.  Now, YouTube has paid ads and links to other video sharing sites, notably VEVO.  The current Youtube is international, ‘glocalized’ (i.e. they have national versions of YouTube for about 40 countries), and even more massive than in 2008. According to their own stats, YouTube now has 1 billion users who upload 300 hours of content every minute!  This is mind-boggling to me!  YouTube is paradoxical – its has been more democratic in its ease of use and editing functions and yet more ‘capitalistic’ in its ever-pervasive ads.  There are ads at the beginning of the videos, ads on left hand panel, and ads on the top.  The suggested videos on the right become downright uncanny in their ability to discern your tastes in videos; YouTube has become a modern panopticon.

The uploading of videos has gotten far easier due to technology and Internet speeds.  I can upload a 6 minute video from college’s Internet connection in about 5 minutes.  This would have taken at least 20 minutes in the early days of YouTube with my sub-par DLS connection at home.  The editing options have become quite sophisticated in recent years – users can now add annotations, captions, background music, transitions, and change the video’s appearance (ie. color saturation, fill light, etc).  The ease of uploading and the fact the we all now carry on us a video-making devices (ex. tablets, smartphones) are the democratizing elements of YouTube.  Now even amateurs can created videos with the polish of editing.  I use YouTube daily and I can’t imagine my use of YouTube slowing down.

I’m embedding a video I created for my blog. Librarian Hacks, about free tools for librarians. I don’t use editing tools a lot (not a fan, really).  I created this video using my pro version of Screen Cast-o-Matic and a U37 USB microphone – a moderately price microphone that sits on my work desk.  Enjoy!


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