Oh, Photobucket!  This site has come a long way since 2006 when I first used the site.  In those days, MySpace did not host images on its server, so Myspace users had to upload images to 3rd party sites and then get the embed code to display them on their profiles.  I vaguely recalled those days – it was my first time using HTML code.  I went back and dusted off my Photobucket account.  I experienced a sweet nostalgia because I saw photos that I had uploaded in the late 2000’s, mostly from my concert-going days.

I had an album called The Stellas- it was one of my favorite local bands in Charlotte’s local music scene and this album was of pictures I took at their concert.  I looked through the photos and I’m attaching one of my favorite pictures from one of those late night, sweaty venues.  This is the opening band, whose name I have forgotten.  It’s still a great pic.  I’m guessing this picture was taken in 2008 and if I could guess the venue, I would say Tremont Music Hall.

 photo HPIM0206.jpg

Photobucket has improved a lot since the last time I used it.  For one, they have options to create photo albums, coffee mugs, and even shower curtains (lol) using images uploading to their site.  Like YouTube, they have become quite commercial.  I would not have recognized their interface from the last time I used it – it now syncs with Facebook and Twitter using API.  I did some research on the Wayback Machine to see what the site looked like in 2006.  Take a look at the site today as compared with 2006, what a difference!

Photobucket in 2012

Photobucket in 2012

Photobucket, circa 2006

Photobucket, circa 2006

I noticed that the upload process is way smoother.  You can upload images manually and upload from an URL or Facebook page.  This is a definite improvement!  The options to share include a link to a page within Photobucket, HTML code, HTML5 code, and a direct link to the image for external hosting.  While I think the changes were appropriate and its far more interactive than 8 years ago, I don’t see myself using Photobucket again.  All of the social media sites I now use (I ditched Myspace in 2009) allow for photo uploads on their server.  Plus, I use Google Drive and sometimes Dropbox to keep images online.  I would still recommend this site to colleagues who need an image hosting place – there are times when image hosting is still needed.  I recently styled a chatbox widget for my library. This chatbox is placed on our website and in Blackboard so that we assist students with research through chat.  I had to host the library’s logo on a third party site (though I had long forgot about Photobucket).  Still, two thumps up for Photobucket!

I’m attaching an image I recently created for a library event.  I used the old-fashioned HTML to embed the picture on my blog:

 photo FACULTYPROMO-callforproposals.jpg


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