Promo for Web 2.0 Guru

Hello, my name is Seth Allen and I’m a Web 2.0 ‘guru’ who has used social media technologies in several roles in higher education; as a student, a librarian, and an instructor.  I have a B.A. in Spanish and Sociology, an MLIS in Library & Information Studies, and I’m currently pursuing an MA in New Media and Global Education.  I hope to combine episteme and techne in how I use social media in higher education.  I believe that harnessing the power of social media involves technical skill and an understanding of how social media platforms can create collaborative, democratic communities of discourse.  I believe that my experiences and education have equipped me with a unique blend of skills and knowledge to help me implement these tools in educational settings.  I am flexible, pragmatic, and quick to learn new technologies.  I believe that one’s education is never truly complete and I immerse myself in opportunities where I can sharpen my skills and share my knowledge with others.  Please contact me if you are interested in a Web 2.0 candidate with a broad, inter-disciplinary outlook.


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