Using a Creative Commons Image in Your Blog

I decided to add a new header to my blog from a CC-licensed image on Flickr, a good source for images that can be reused.  Flickr contains millions of images that can be reused and since I love mountains and travel, I look for an awe-inspiring image of a mountain.  Here’s how I found an image and used with proper attribution.

Step #1: Use Creative Commons filter in Flickr.

I highlighted the Advanced Search where you can filter out non-CC licensed images.


Step 2: Download the image and upload it in WordPress (or other blogging site) with appropriate attribution.  

I googled how to attribute photos in Flickr and found a Wikipedia article.  There is not official style, but you need to include: 1)name of image, 2)name/user handle of person who uploaded it, and 3) type of license. I added caption in the upload, so the licensing info is saved in the photo’s metadata.


Step #3: Add a Blog Footer with the Attribution Info

WordPress now allows users to add footers.  I created a footer with the same info, but I created an HTML link to page in Flickr where the image is hosted.  


Step #4: Save and Publish Your Blog with the Footer

This is what the blog footer looks like – there is a link to the Flickr page for the header image I used.  



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